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In this Goa resort List we have collected all our budget resorts in Goa, please keep in mind that the prices during peak season are always higher, if you seek a cheaper holiday in Goa, you might need to consider not booking during Dec 15th till Jan 20th.

Resorts in south Goa

In the last few years with the prices of resorts in Goa climbing up, it has become harder to find a budget resorts in goa. It is not a big secret that Goa has been, for many years, attracting let’s call it financially challenged travellers, and especially resorts in south Goa where considered a cheaper alternative to other places with similar advantages.

Cheap beach resorts in Goa

Cheap beach resorts in goa used to be lines of coconut leaf beach huts on the beach, some on stilts, with no attached toilets and shower, simple but charming, offering only the basics for a very good price and the best view ever,
most of these resorts are gone now, developed and renovated and with new price tag on too, not only the rooms have evolved, the resorts are offering more amenities and better customer care.

Beach resort in Goa

Today most beach resort in Goa are offering bigger rooms, large balconies, attached hot water shower, and comfortable beds.
But even among those Goa resorts, there is a wide scale of prices and class, the thing is the prices and the classes not always go hand in hand, and paying a lot for your accommodation doesn’t necessarily mean better resort.

Best beach resorts in Goa

Still some of the best beach resorts in Goa, remain faithful to the old style of Goa hosting, these secret places are simple, secluded, short in staff, cheap and mostly full, unless you are willing wait for a room to check-out or just got lucky enough.


Budget resorts in Goa

Sun N Moon Guesthouse

Price from


Cottage & Bungalow, Palolem Beach

Sun N Moon Guesthouse is located at center of the Palolem beach village, Goa. This south Goa guesthouse offers six comfortable and affordable luxury Rooms, and provides all season accommodation, perfect for the hot summer months and monsoon. All rooms are well furnished with A/C or Non A/C, Satellite TV, Refrigerator and some rooms have a mini-kitchen with necessary (basic) utensils.

Sun N Moon Guesthouse also offers India and international travel booking services and an Internet Cafe.  Sun N Moon Guesthouse, Palolem beach, Goa is a very recommendable place with a high level of customer service and good security.

Opening Dates - Open all year

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Sun N Moon Guesthouse Goa

Resorts in Goa

Sun and Moon guest house in Goa is one of the only resorts in Goa active all year long, it welcomes all travelers, with fair prices and good clean rooms, offering great service and a perfect location.

Resort in Goa

Booking with Sun and moon resort in Goa now, even during monsoon month, you will find a dry room and an open door.

Goa beach huts

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this resort does not offer Goa beach huts but concrete rooms the kind you might find in hotels in Goa beach, It is set in the main street of Palolem near by all the best restaurants and Coffee joints, a fun place to be in top season of Goa.

Beach Resorts in Goa

In compare with other beach resorts in Goa this is a basic plus standard resort, the hotel is clean, as are the rooms and the staff is well trained and very helpful.