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Colomb Beach

Colomb Beach / Colomb Bay, Goa, is a picture perfect little fishing village that is located around a small lagoon and the north end of Patnem beach, in south Goa. A sleepy, close community of fishermen for most of the year; things change come November each year, when locals move out of their houses and rent them to families of foreigners, restaurants and beach huts get rebuilt and the tourist season begins.

Colomb bay is preferred by young families and long term travelers alike. A very friendly community, clean, yet alternative vibe, and lovely safe bathing make this quiet haven in south Goa a completely relaxing beach holiday destination.

Colomb boasts some lovely dining options, like the predominantly Kashmiri restaurant at Secret Garden, the Magic View, Europe-run Kala Bahia and the ever-popular Laguna Vista and Boom Shankar.

The northern end of the bay is bordered by Neptune's Point, the rocky outcrop that separates Colomb from Palolem beach. Neptune's Point is home to the famous Silent Noise weekly headphone parties, as well as some other favorite restaurants and resorts. The southern end of the bay borders on the northern end of Patnem beach.

Colomb beach Goa

Colomb bay in Goa

Colomb beach or Colomb bay is a small paradise located in south Goa, not far from the border with Gokarna, choosing a room to book in Colomb beach Goa if you don't ask the right questions, Goa is built for all sort of travelers, budget Goa resorts are as common as luxury Goa huts beachhutbooking.

South Goa resorts

As it comes down to it Colomb village is not big spot to find south Goa resorts, on the other hand if you are looking for a house in Goa down south that is, this is a good place to check out, many of the locals are renting a part of their house, or an extra unit to tourist, for the whole Goa season.

South Goa

beach huts in Colomb bay Patnem

In south Goa beach is the center of travel, surely Agonda beach is more familiar and Patnem is just across the rocks from Palolem.

Resorts in Palolem beach.

Beach resorts Goa

Beach Resorts in Goa near Colomb bay, and in general what are the differences between Goa huts, family room or yoga retreat in Palolem.

Booking Colomb bay Accommodation

book rooms for Palolem accommodation in Goa totally booking in goa online?,so book online, then you can explore reviews about resorts in pictures of Goa and of the rooms.
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