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In this Goa resort List we have collected all our budget resorts in Goa, please keep in mind that the prices during peak season are always higher, if you seek a cheaper holiday in Goa, you might need to consider not booking during Dec 15th till Jan 20th.

Resorts in south Goa

In the last few years with the prices of resorts in Goa climbing up, it has become harder to find a budget resorts in goa. It is not a big secret that Goa has been, for many years, attracting let’s call it financially challenged travellers, and especially resorts in south Goa where considered a cheaper alternative to other places with similar advantages.

Cheap beach resorts in Goa

Cheap beach resorts in goa used to be lines of coconut leaf beach huts on the beach, some on stilts, with no attached toilets and shower, simple but charming, offering only the basics for a very good price and the best view ever,
most of these resorts are gone now, developed and renovated and with new price tag on too, not only the rooms have evolved, the resorts are offering more amenities and better customer care.

Beach resort in Goa

Today most beach resort in Goa are offering bigger rooms, large balconies, attached hot water shower, and comfortable beds.
But even among those Goa resorts, there is a wide scale of prices and class, the thing is the prices and the classes not always go hand in hand, and paying a lot for your accommodation doesn’t necessarily mean better resort.

Best beach resorts in Goa

Still some of the best beach resorts in Goa, remain faithful to the old style of Goa hosting, these secret places are simple, secluded, short in staff, cheap and mostly full, unless you are willing wait for a room to check-out or just got lucky enough.


Budget resorts in Goa

Green Park Beach Resort

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Cottage & Bungalow, Palolem Beach

Green Park is a semi-secluded south Goa beach resort is situated in its own little bay, right on the southern end of Palolem Beach. The comfortable and affordable beach huts are built directly on the sand and have stunning views of Palolem Beach and impressive uninterrupted views over the Arabian Sea.

Situated as it is, with the view across Palolem bay, Green Park Resort is one of the best places from which to watch the sun setting into the Arabian Sea, and although it is quiet and secluded, it is just a short walk to the hustle and bustle of the centre of Palolem village, when one is in the mood for a little action.

Opening Dates - November 1 to April 25

Green Park Goa Resort

huts in palolem

Green Park Resort in Palolem beach

Green park Goa resort is one of the oldest resort in palolem beach in Goa, it is set on the most south part of the beach, and offers great value for money huts in palolem beach. Most of these have a direct view of the sea, this mini Goa hotel is like many others in this region – seasonal, and operate only six or seven month a year.

Goa beach resort

Palolem beach resort

Green Park Goa beach resort is set on a private mini bay on the end of palolem, and can be used as a walking passage to colomb village, or colomb beach and down the road to Patnem, passing by this Palolem beach resort.

Palolem beach huts

South Goa resorts

In compare to general Palolem beach huts and South Goa resorts, Green park offers high-end cottages on the beach, of 3 levels, the resort is run by a local team of young sweet guys, that have been hosting people from everywhere, for many seasons, and are prepared to offer help and advice to the guests.

Cottages in Goa

House in Goa

Palolem beach has more than few house in Goa to offer, same goes to Cottages, Green Park is offering few furnished beach houses on colomb bay, all facing the beach, all are small but comfortable, a living room a bedroom, small kitchen, hot water shower and a small balcony . The cottages are set on south palolem, in an amazing bay, fully furnished and very relaxed, build around the resort restaurant and bar, set meters from the beach.
Sun N Moon Guesthouse

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Cottage & Bungalow, Palolem Beach

Sun N Moon Guesthouse is located at center of the Palolem beach village, Goa. This south Goa guesthouse offers six comfortable and affordable luxury Rooms, and provides all season accommodation, perfect for the hot summer months and monsoon. All rooms are well furnished with A/C or Non A/C, Satellite TV, Refrigerator and some rooms have a mini-kitchen with necessary (basic) utensils.

Sun N Moon Guesthouse also offers India and international travel booking services and an Internet Cafe.  Sun N Moon Guesthouse, Palolem beach, Goa is a very recommendable place with a high level of customer service and good security.

Opening Dates - Open all year

guest house in Goa

Sun N Moon Guesthouse Goa

Resorts in Goa

Sun and Moon guest house in Goa is one of the only resorts in Goa active all year long, it welcomes all travelers, with fair prices and good clean rooms, offering great service and a perfect location.

Resort in Goa

Booking with Sun and moon resort in Goa now, even during monsoon month, you will find a dry room and an open door.

Goa beach huts

hotels in Goa beach

this resort does not offer Goa beach huts but concrete rooms the kind you might find in hotels in Goa beach, It is set in the main street of Palolem near by all the best restaurants and Coffee joints, a fun place to be in top season of Goa.

Beach Resorts in Goa

In compare with other beach resorts in Goa this is a basic plus standard resort, the hotel is clean, as are the rooms and the staff is well trained and very helpful.
Barbara's Holiday Apartments

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Villa, Goa Houses and Apartments

Barbara’s Holiday Apartments located only a 5 min walk from Palolem beach, Goa is a quiet oasis with well-maintained lush gardens and surrounded by coconut palm trees. Separated from the main house where Barbara and her husband lives is a two story guesthouse with three self-contained apartments. One 2 bedroom, a 1 bedroom and a studio. There is also a studio cottage separate from the main guest house. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, en-suite bathrooms with hot water shower and TV.

In the guesthouse, the first floor apartment has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and also has a large balcony with a magnificent view. On the ground floor there is a one bedroom apartment and a studio apartment with separate entrances. Both apartments have access to the ground floor balcony and the gardens. The studio cottage is across from the guest house and also has a private balcony. Bed linen and towels are provided, and the apartments are cleaned every day by the staff.

Goa holiday house

Barbara’s Holiday Apartments

Palolem Goa

Barbara’s Holiday Apartments in Palolem Goa is offering few Goa holiday house options, double bedroom, single bedroom and a studio. This mini goa resort is very very old, set on the beautiful road between Patnem beach and Palolem beach down south Goa.

Guest House in Goa

Houses in Goa


Be it Houses in Goa or Guest House in Goa you are seeking after, in the region of palolem beach, Barbara’s Holiday Apartments is your two in one solution, here you get the facilities of your own house on one hand and the feel of a homely guest house on the other.

Hotels in Goa

Agonda villas

House in Agonda Goa

It is Important to remember that Not every house in Agonda Goa is one of the Agonda villas, much like not every guesthouse in Goa is one of the Hotels in Goa, but advertising online might be very misleading like this, so much of the data out there is out of date if not completely not correct at best. Make sure to find fresh reviews on the accommodation you choose.

Resorts in Goa

Most of the resorts in Goa are set up with 10 to 20 rooms of few classes, build around a restaurant serving the guests and visitors, Barbara’s Holiday Apartments is very different in this manner, it offers a getaway of the busy beach life of Goa, and gives the lucky people residing in it a secure and relaxed experience.

Goa beaches

Holiday rentals Goa

Holiday rentals Goa - new refreshing trend to those already in love with Goa beaches, and to those that will fall for it in the future, the thing with having a house in Goa is that you get attached to it very fast, the people around you are less likely to try and sell you something and more likely to have want to get to know you, this by itself is an experience worthy of taking in.
Laguna Vista

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Cottage & Bungalow, Colomb Beach

Set on the quiet North side of Colomb Bay, Laguna Vista has become a well-loved restaurant and beach hut resort amongst tourists and long-term visitors alike. This beach hut resort is ideally located only a few feet from the sea and directly on Colomb beach, between Patnem beach and Palolem beach, just a 5-minute walk from both. 
Laguna Vista has a gorgeous little boutique, where you will find items not available anywhere else. They stock original designs of both jewellery and clothing, made of natural fabrics from Nepal, India and Thailand.
Despite the tranquil getaway appeal of this South Goa beach resort, every Friday night Laguna Vista offers a Live Music night, showcasing a blend of original songs with Western and Indian influences. These regular shows have become really popular, making Friday night in South Goa a night to remember.

Opening Dates - November 1 to April 15

Laguna Vista Colomb Beach

Laguna Vista Resort in Colomb Beach Patnem in Goa, affordable accommodation on the beach, the resort is very small 5 or six rooms at most, all facing goa beach, few meter of the water of colomb bay.

Laguna Vista Goa Resort

Patnem beach huts

as mentioned the huts at Patnem beach huts at Laguna Vista Goa Resort are set on the beah, with pivate balconies, attached shower, and just next to the resort Goan resturant. booking a room in Laguna Vista Resort Colomb Beach Patnem can be done here.

Goa beach resort

Agonda beach huts

resorts and huts on the beach and south goa beach resort altogether, even agonda beach huts cant compete with the prices, and value for money of booking online for resort in Colomb Beach near Patnem and Palolem, the location in this case is everything.

Colomb bay Patnem rooms

Cottages in Goa

Colomb Beach is a fisherman village set just on the border of Palolem and Patnem beach in south Goa India. yet it is still providing a fair cottages in Goa selection, relative to its size.
Rama Resort

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Cottage & Bungalow, Agonda Beach

Rama Resort on Agonda Beach is a large tastefully designed Goa beach resort with wooden hut style accommodation set in a horseshoe shape facing the sea. Rama Resort has around 15 well-designed wooden beach huts set in lush gardens just back from the beach. Most of the huts have a view of the beach, although of course the front row huts have uninterrupted views over the Arabian Sea

Rama Resort is located on the south end of Agonda beach, where the sea is especially calm, making it an ideal spot for safe bathing and therefore very child-friendly.

Opening Dates - October 15 to May 15

Rama Resort Agonda

Rama Resort Agonda beach has a beach/farm atmosphere to it, the cottages are set in a circle across the beach, and most of the beach huts have sea view of the front veranda.

Rama Resort Agonda beach huts

Agonda beach

Cool and friendly Rama Resort Agonda beach huts, set on Agonda Beach south Goa, while it might not be the fanciest resort in Goa or have the best cottages in Agonda, but it is special to many travellers that keeps on returning here, it’s the heart of this mini hotel in Goa that makes the difference.

Agonda beach resort

beach cottages in south Goa

Rama resort Goa

Rama resort Goa is by definition an Agonda beach resort and one of the more friendly resorts and huts on the beach in south goa, booking online with beachhutbooking.com for a special resort in Agonda beach, dislike beach cottages in north Goa? If you choose to go that much far south Rama resort in south goa India is waiting for you.

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Cottage & Bungalow, Patnem Beach

Namaste Resort is located near the centre of Patnem Beach and is very popular with long-term visitors and tourists alike. Music is a big feature of the restaurant, with "open mike" sessions there once a week for musicians, and dj's often getting a chance to spin their tunes. The vibe is generally very laid back and the music chilled, which is the general atmosphere on Patnem Beach, south Goa anyway.

The chilled out vibe at this popular beach shack ensure it is always full and a great place to stay and hang out.

Opening Dates - November 1 to April 30

Namaste Resort Goa

Namaste Resort Patnem beach

Namaste Resort is pretty new motel in Patnem beach Goa, is has a nice selection of beach cottages to offer, some with AC, some with a full sea view, and a couple of big family apartments.

Namaste Resort Patnem huts

Namaste Patnem

If you are looking to book a room in Namaste Patnem, we are here to assist you, the resort is one of the better options for young family, is as a nice sitting area, covered with colorful pillows and low set table, also used as a serving area to the resort restaurant.

Patnem beach resort

Goa beach

the biggest difference from other resorts on Patnem beach is the stuff, as the resort is being run by non local Indians, and the huts on the beach are always clean and tidy, book it online for these season, definatly a top resort in Goa beach.

Patnem beach

Patnem beach rooms

As far as beach cottages go, the rooms in Namaste are above average for the area, including the surrounding beaches of Palolem and Agonda, simply yet efficiently furnished, with clean bath and toilet, and very good room services.