Гоа, Индия, форпост одинокий португальский более чем на 450 лет Гоа был утилизирован в Индии совсем недавно, в 1962 году, и доказательства этого последнего дня колониального господства везде было видно. Gorgeous (часто рушится), архитектура кухни фьюжн, меланхоличная музыка фадо и днем ​​siestas делают Гоа в отличие от любой другой части Индии.

Внеочередное, обилие природы является одной из главных достопримечательностей в Гоа более двух миллионов туристов, которые стекаются в эту красивую часть индийского побережья. Кокосовые пальмы, золотой песок и теплые голубые воды на берегу. Плотные зеленые джунгли, журчание реки и водопады, удивительные внутренние. Обильные птиц (зимородок наблюдения являются общими), домашних буйволов пешком свободно вдоль дорог и вездесущие коровы на пляже составляют некоторые животные жизнью встретятся на отдых Гоа.

Но Гоа также известен его множеством красивых бутик пляж хижины курорты, рестораны мирового класса и захватывающую ночную жизнь. Остальные восстановительные ночи в прекрасном хижине на пляже Гоа, будучи усыпить звуками моря притирки берега, является обязательным. Просыпайтесь рано утром йогой (множество на выбор), а затем прекрасный свежий сок тропических фруктов, а также заниматься в день на солнце, резвящихся в Аравийском море. Ночью в восторг аппетитные свежие морепродукты на любой Гоа пляж, под звездами, и попробовать местного пива, или кокосового ореха кешью или фени.

Хотя и не без проблем, устойчивого туризма, а также воздействие на окружающую среду является главным, Гоа, Индия остается одним из самых магических мест в мире для проведения отпуска, будь то одиночный или с семьей или романтического отдыха .

Рекомендуемые курорты Гоа

Dunhill Resort - Dunhill ResortDunhill Resort in Agonda beach, south Goa, is a beautiful, well-established and very popular resort offering luxury type accommod... Agonda Beach Goa India Castle Cave Palolem - Castle Cave PalolemCastle Cave Resort in Palolem beach, is a small new age beach cottage motel in the southern/centre part of Palolem, this region is... Palolem Beach Goa India Cuba Agonda - Cuba AgondaCuba Agonda Goa beach resort offers twelve spacious luxury cottages on one of Goa’s most pristine and peaceful stretches of beach... Agonda Beach Goa India Cuba Palolem Beach Bungalows - Cuba Palolem Beach BungalowsCuba Palolem Beach Bungalows resort is part of the Cuba Goa Group and is located on beautiful Palolem beach in South Goa... Palolem Beach Goa India April 20 - 15% OFF 4+ Night StayApril 20April 20 is a new and inviting beach hut resort on Patnem beach in south Goa... Patnem Beach Goa India HOME - HOMEHOME is one of Patnem’s longest established and most beloved resorts, situated right in the middle of the beach... Patnem Beach Goa India

Куда пойти в Гоа

Goa, India

Travel to Goa, India

The extraordinary, abundant nature is one of the main attractions in Goa for the more than two million tourists that flock to this beautiful slice of the Indian coastline. Coconut palms, golden sands and warm blue waters on the shores. Dense green jungle, gurgling rivers and amazing waterfalls inland. Abundant birdlife (kingfisher sightings are common), domesticated buffalo walking freely along the roads and the u....

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Family Resort in Goa

Family-Friendly Goa

Goa’s reputation as a family-friendly destination has grown in recent years, with more Goa resorts catering to parents with little ones, safer food and water, and plenty of fun activities both on and off the beach. Miles of golden sand and gentle sea make Goa beaches the perfect playground, but ....

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Restaurants of Goa

The coastline of Goa is packed with restaurants of all shapes a sizes, from street side fast food trolleys selling Pani-Puri, Fried Noodles and Gobi Manchurian, through local fisherman restaurant and Dhabas, up to high-end chef restaurants, serving top of the line continental cuisine.

Many of those restaurants are traditional Indian tandoori diners, serving local barbequed fresh seafood and Indian delicacies, usually having a fair selection of beverages in the bar.

The budget travelers (not only them..), will find a wide selection of cheap local restaurant to choose from, in the shape of yummy fast-food stands, and local dhabas (a common Indian family restaurants), using fresh Goan products like cashew nuts, coconuts, and mango, and serving simple traditional dishes such as: Idli and chutney, spicy Masala Dosa, Baggi Puri, Fish Carry rice and much more.

Great news for the coffee lovers among us, the latest addition to the Goa food scene, are many coffee shops, serving fresh Coffee and great breakfast offers, cakes, and desserts, all by International standards.

Goa has much more to offer in the way of restaurants and bars, menus from all around the world, Italian, Greek, English, and Lebanese. Places that specialize in vegetarian or vegan food, and in food of organic nature, while others restaurants are more family oriented, or serving only late night snacks and drinks.

Goa Resorts

It is important to learn about the best time to visit Goa, before choosing our vacation dates. And we should probably also research for the right Goa beach, and Goa beach resort, that will offer us either a beach hut, a room, or a cottage within our comfort zone.

Hotels in Goa usually advertise themselves as a “beach resort”, some really are… Now, even though Goa holidays are known to be unforgettable, we don’t want the reason for that to be a very wrong choice of accommodation.

At Beach hut booking, we keep close relations with our resorts, and house owners, and although there are many down these south east coastlines of Goa, we try to gather here a list of what we thought to be the best holiday options.

Cottages in Goa

Beach hut booking has always been mostly about cottages at Goa beach, being motivated travelers ourselves, we came to Goa India (long time ago), just like anyone else, to be totally astonished by the wild nature, as much as with the folklore, culture and people.

However, since then we’ve learned something about accommodation in Goa.
So, here we are, humble to bring you what we see as the best beach hotels in Goa, or if to be more accurate, we attempt to categorize and bring forth different types of Hostels, Motels or Resorts as they are, and fitting Travelers of all kinds.

Beaches of Goa

In case you are hoping to discover by yourself, some sweet hidden beach corners in the north or south of Goa, You should know that many of those still exist, and are usually quite empty, even more so around the off season, it shouldn’t be an issue if you are planning a long vacation.

A dolphin near the beach? Well, in Goa it’s not such a big deal, you can see them daily, especially down south, you could hire a morning boat ride, but if you’re lucky enough you should be able to spot them while sitting on the beach...

Goa has a great night life scene, if that’s what you’re into. Surly, there are more night clubs up north Goa around Vagator and Baga beach, but Palolem region and Agonda beach down south have more than enough night life to keep you very busy for a while.

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