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Budget resorts in Goa

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In this Goa resort List we have collected all our budget resorts in Goa, please keep in mind that the prices during peak season are always higher, if you seek a cheaper holiday in Goa, you might need to consider not booking during Dec 15th till Jan 20th.

Resorts in south Goa

In the last few years with the prices of resorts in Goa climbing up, it has become harder to find a budget resorts in goa. It is not a big secret that Goa has been, for many years, attracting let’s call it financially challenged travellers, and especially resorts in south Goa where considered a cheaper alternative to other places with similar advantages.

Cheap beach resorts in Goa

Cheap beach resorts in goa used to be lines of coconut leaf beach huts on the beach, some on stilts, with no attached toilets and shower, simple but charming, offering only the basics for a very good price and the best view ever,
most of these resorts are gone now, developed and renovated and with new price tag on too, not only the rooms have evolved, the resorts are offering more amenities and better customer care.

Beach resort in Goa

Today most beach resort in Goa are offering bigger rooms, large balconies, attached hot water shower, and comfortable beds.
But even among those Goa resorts, there is a wide scale of prices and class, the thing is the prices and the classes not always go hand in hand, and paying a lot for your accommodation doesn’t necessarily mean better resort.

Best beach resorts in Goa

Still some of the best beach resorts in Goa, remain faithful to the old style of Goa hosting, these secret places are simple, secluded, short in staff, cheap and mostly full, unless you are willing wait for a room to check-out or just got lucky enough.


Budget resorts in Goa

Khaama Kethna

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Cottage & Bungalow, Agonda Beach

Khaama Kethna is a one-of-a-kind eco-resort situated in the jungle off the road that runs from Palolem beach to Agonda beach in south Goa. Consisting of amazing tree huts, bamboo huts, a stunning restaurant and even an outdoor movie screen, Khaama Kethna is a uniquely green eco-resort located on the only organic farm in south Goa.

The incredible nature and the care that has been taken to make sure this eco-resort blends in with it, make Khaama Kethna a must-see for any nature-loving traveller with a leaning towards eco-tourism. Easily accessible, it is also totally child friendly, and the weekly outdoor movies during the season add to the attraction of this jungle resort.

Opening Dates - Open All Year

Agonda beach Goa

Khaama Kethna Agonda

Khaama Kethna Resort is set near by Agonda beach Goa, on the road leading down south to Palolem in Canacona, it is an alternative Eco friendly resort, set in the Goan jungle, very very special place to visit. visitors staying in this resorts are always very satisfied with there choice og accommodation, as the atmosphere in this Goa resort is truly one of a kind.

Khaama Kethna Resort in Agonda

The Khaama Kethna Resort in Agonda was established around 3 years ago, by an artist of construction, make it a very unique resort, the huts are set beautifully and not too close to one another.

Huts in Goa

Agonda resort

This Agonda resort can not be compared to resorts in Agonda, as it is there to serve a special type of traveler, looking for huts in Goa in a distant place, seeking to be alone with nature, and away of Goa lifestyle.

Agonda eco Retreat

Resort in Agonda

One of the few Eco friendly resorts in Agonda and in Goa, a perfect retreat for yoga and meditation, a good place to meet interesting people, and Goa experience nature very closely. One thing is sure, the phrase Agonda eco Retreat is not something you hear everyday.
Laguna Vista
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Cottage & Bungalow, Colomb Beach

Set on the quiet North side of Colomb Bay, Laguna Vista has become a well-loved beach hut resort among-st tourists and long-term visitors alike. This beach hut resort is ideally located only a few feet from the sea and directly on Colomb beach, between Patnem beach and Palolem beach, just a 5-minute walk from both. 
Laguna Vista has a gorgeous little boutique, where you will find items not available anywhere else. They stock original designs of both jewellery and clothing, made of natural fabrics from Nepal, India and Thailand.
Despite the tranquil getaway appeal of this South Goa beach resort, every Friday night Laguna Vista offers a Live Music night, showcasing a blend of original songs with Western and Indian influences. These regular shows have become really popular, making Friday night in South Goa a night to remember.

Opening Dates - November 1 to April 15

Laguna Vista Colomb Beach

Laguna Vista Resort in Colomb Beach Patnem in Goa, affordable accommodation on the beach, the resort is very small 9 rooms at most, all facing goa beach, few meter of the water of colomb bay.

Laguna Vista Goa Resort

Patnem beach huts

as mentioned the huts at Patnem beach huts at Laguna Vista Goa Resort are set on the beach, with private balconies, attached shower, and just next to the resort Goan restaurant. booking a room in Laguna Vista Resort Colomb Beach Patnem can be done here.

Goa beach resort

Agonda beach huts

resorts and huts on the beach and south goa beach resort altogether, even agonda beach huts cant compete with the prices, and value for money of booking online for resort in Colomb Beach near Patnem and Palolem, the location in this case is everything.

Colomb bay Patnem rooms

Cottages in Goa

Colomb Beach is a fisherman village set just on the border of Palolem and Patnem beach in south Goa India. yet it is still providing a fair cottages in Goa selection, relative to its size.
Stay 3+ Nights and get 15% OFF on room rates.