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Utorda Beach

Utorda Beach, Goa, Less then one kilometer long, tiny Utorda beach down south Goa, is loaded with white sand dunes creating quite a wide beaching zone. however, at low tide, large parts of this area are becoming small lakes / very large paddles, turning the landscape into a miniature archipelago.

The beach itself is absolutely great for swimming, with a life-gourd on post, highly clean shore, and very accessible water, creating a lovely bathing location for kids and adults alike.
Utorda borders with Arossim Beach in the north and with Majorda Beach on the South, about 20km from Bambolim Airport, and about 45 km drive from Palolem Beach. .

The main entry to the beach is near by the Island View restaurant, this part of the beach is fully coverd with coconut shades, beach pergulas and sun beds, all the way to the water front.
and somehow, there is a special vibe around here, feels like it take you back in time.

Utorda beach has only a handful to select from in the way of restaurants, the case is similar for typical Goa beach resorts, although you will find a couple of 4 star hotels just by the beach, offering very nice alternative and much more luxurious spoils, including a more private access to the beach.

Bottom line, Utorda is not really a place to come looking for adventures, it is however a very cool part of Goa, authentic, pure, inviting and a great spot for a swim.

Resorts in Utorda Beach

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