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Patnem Beach

Patnem Beach, is the quieter of the two more popular south Goa beaches, both virtually right next door to each other. Smaller and less busy than Palolem beach, it still has a lively atmosphere and is very much favoured by families travelling in Goa.

The lovely curved bay makes for glorious bathing and although not quite as calm and protected as Palolem beach, it also doesn't get the swell that Agonda beach, to the north, can have. Some water sports are also available here, although the short journey to Palolem beach will provide more options.

Here too one can find an enormous variety of resorts and restaurants, from very simple basic Goa beach huts to luxurious villas up on the hill overlooking the bay. Great fresh seafood, Italian, Mexican, and of course, the delicious local Goa cuisine are easily available.

Yoga, reiki and a number of other alternative therapies and healing sessions are available in Patnem beach during the seasonal months. Patnem beach definitely attracts a slightly more alternative traveller, and often more long-term visitors too.

Resorts in Patnem Beach

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