Resorts in Talpona beach Goa - houses, cottages and restaurants near Palolem

Talpona Beach

Talpona beach Goa, is one of the few remaining beaches in Goa where fishermen bringing in the daily catch can still outnumber visitors. Low-key and laid-back, this long stretch of golden sand with sparkling crystal clear waters was, until recently, a little known piece of paradise. But even with its gradual discovery and gentle development, it is still a perfect for those who prefer peace and quiet away from the busier Goa beaches.

The north end of the beach borders the Talpona river and is still a sleepy unspoilt village, where the main business of the day is the fishing boats heading out to sea. Towards the centre of the beach there are a couple of shacks where day trippers can be found lounging in cushioned cane chairs and eating fresh seafood with their toes in the sand. For anyone interested in staying in Talpona, a couple of new resorts have bungalows right on the beach, and there are some houses and apartments available to rent in the village.

Head towards the south of the beach, however, and the sense of seclusion and the stunning natural scenery intensify. Dolphins swim near to the shore, eagles circle overhead and monkeys can be seen swinging in the trees. The sand here is usually deserted, and around the headland is Galjibag - more commonly called Turtle Beach as a protected nesting site for the endangered Olive Ridley turtle.

Aside from taking a gentle stroll, however, the the main order of the day on Talpona beach is lounging on the sand with a good book, taking a dip in the gentle waves and enjoying the exquisite sunsets with a tropical fruit juice or ice cold beer. Holidaymakers looking for a break from paradise can head to Patnem or Palolem beaches, a 20-minute drive away, with their wide range of shops, bars and restaurants. Chaudi town, about the same distance away, has banks, ATMs, pharmacies and stores selling everyday essentials. The easiest way to get around if to hire a scooter, or grab a local rickshaw.

Talpona resorts

Goa Resorts

Talpona resorts in Goa beach are not many, as Goa resorts are mostly build to the north of Talpona river, houses on the other hand are different story, lately few old fisherman houses in the region where converted into a new age type of Goa resorts, Goa Holiday homes.

Goa Holiday Homes

South Goa

South to the talpona river that use to be almost nothing where it came to goa accommodation, until recently that is, as now investors started noticing a potencial in the area and are developing more and more Goa Holiday homes, in south Goa, behind the canacona region.

Talpona beach Goa

Talpona River


Talpona beach Goa, the south banks of the Talpona River going down till the north end of Galgibag beach, is traditionally referred as Talpona or Talpona beach.


Chaudi Goa

Talpona village is set across the river from Rajbug beach and the Lalit hotel, just over the bridge of Chaudi-Talpona road, the centre of this village is the fishing boat porting area on the bank of the river, and further down the same road lies the tranquil Talpona beach.

Typically for south Goa beaches Talpona is very quiet, relaxed and un-populated by tourist yet at large, offering very few options for accommodation, and even smaller selection when it comes to dining, luckily it is set close enough to Chaudi, a small town that offers most necessities for travellers.

Goa Resorts

Goa holiday homes

The few Goa Resorts to be found in Talpona are set next to the beach, although in the past couple of years some Talpona beach houses were converted to Goa holiday homes, and you might find these rare rentals for short and long term holiday in Goa.

Patnem beach

Huts in Goa

Restaurants in Talpona

Not many Huts in Goa or Restaurants in Talpona beach, the few to be found here are relatively new, luckily Patnem beach, and Palolem beach are both well-established South Goa gastronomic centres, and located within about 15 minutes rickshaw drive from Talpona beach.

Resorts in Talpona Beach

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