Cansaulim Beach Goa Travel, Where to stay, and What to do

Cansaulim Beach

Cansaulim Beach, South Goa, is one of the small beach starches around, and without a doubt a very mellow place in general, it is almost empty of any tourist presence at most times, the beach itself has very few constant structures built on it, instead you'll find palm trees almost totaly covering the land, from the village at the back road, all the way to the sand line in front of the sea.

Cansaulim is bordering south with Arrosim beach, and north with Velsao Beach road, the beach is the heart of Cansaulim village, which is a member of a group of fifteen others, together making the Mormugao Block of South Goa district, Among the near by attractions you will find Utorda and Majorda beaches, and Vasco The Gama and the Old Port are a short drive to the north. .

There are very few restaurants around Cansaulim, the famous ones are set at the big hotels, the rest are mostly family owned dabas serving local food (fish curry rice !!!), and fast food stalls.

Cansaulim beach has very little to offer in the way of accommodation, however, places to stay do exist in the area, mostly in the form of grand hotels, or super basic rooms to rent of the locals, in family houses…

The only landmarks around this beach are the Three Kings Church (said to still be hunted by the 3 kings spirits), and the Cansaulim railway station - not really a place for recreation or fun visits.

To sum it up, this is probably a beach to visit with a loved one, seeking secluded surrounding to enjoy being alone together, kids will not have much to do here, not for longer then a few hours, and the party loving travellers should move on down to Palolem/Agonda or straight up to Baga.

Resorts in Cansaulim Beach

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