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Galgibag Beach

Galgibag beach, in the far south of Goa is a dream come true for anyone searching for solitude, seclusion and an absolutely stunning beach! The long sweep of golden sand is often completely empty, apart from the occasional fisherman or children from the local village chasing crabs.

Galjibag is a breeding site for the the protected Olive Ridley turtles (leading to its better known name of Turtle Beach) which explains why the beach is so deserted and almost untouched by development. If you are in Goa in January and February you may be lucky enough to see the turtles nesting and hatching. Visitors are only requested not to touch or disturb the turtles so that the conservation program can continue its successful work.

The north side of the beach is still a completely protected turtle zone, but there are a handful of simple shacks at the south end of the beach serving sensational fresh seafood. From oysters collected that day from the river estuary, to the catch of the day simply grilled or served Goan style with coconut and spices - great with a chilled beer!

Until recently, resorts were totally restricted, so staying in Galjibag was not possible unless you took a basic room in the village. However, whilst big developments are still barred, a few small sensitive accommodation options are opening up, to allow visitors to extend their day trip to a longer laid back vacation. From a handful of beach huts attached to the shacks at the south of the beach to some traditional Goan houses that have been delightfully restored and fitted out to make comfortable Goa holiday homes. As accommodation is still in short supply, however, it is best to pre-book your stay.

Gajibag is only a 20-minute drive from Patnem beach and Chaudi town, which offer a wide range of accommodation, activities, bars and shops. But “Turtle Beach’ seems a world away: a place to just relax and relish the peaceful setting and pristine natural beach. Enjoy an afternoon lounging in a hammock or take a stroll to the far south end of the beach, where the river estuary creates a natural lagoon for safe swimming. The long rolling waves travelling up the beach can be strong but are great for body boarding early in the season (borrow a board from a beach shack), and then pick up to create one of the only surfable breaks in Goa in March and April.

Galgibaga beach resorts

Galgibaga beach Goa

Galgibaga beach Goa (or Galgibag), commonly known as Turtle beach or Galgibag, is no-doubt a wish coming true for anyone searching for truly secluded beach holiday in his journey to Goa India, it is a magnificent peaceful shore, un-spoiled by tourism, almost un-touched nature location in the far south Goa beach.

Agonda beach

Much like Agonda beach galgibag is very impressive beach in south Goa, yet Galgibaga beach resorts are few to non-existing, since it was restricted area for long years.

south Goa beaches

Not one beach in Goa can compete turtle beach on the title the most secluded, it is so empty and pristine it feel like out of its surroundings, covered side to side with thick coconut and palm trees, inhabited mostly by fisherman and local families.

Goa restaurants

Dining options and restaurants in Galgibag are very few as well, you might however find some local Goa fisherman restaurants on the beach, offering fresh seafood menu, and usually the food is simple but very good and super fresh.

Galgibaga beach restaurants

When it comes to restaurants in Goa, Galgibaga beach restaurants are nothing like the rest of Goa, the only food you’ll find here is coming straight from the sea to the local fisherman net, to your plate. So if you are a big fan of sea food, paradise is here.


Galgibag Goa is also called Turtle beach Goa, the reason is the fact this area has been a nature reserve for many years for sea turtle nesting, mainly during Goa season, December to January.

Goa holiday homes

Turtle beach Goa

Resorts in Galgibaga area and Goa holiday homes, even beach huts and Goa cottages of any sort, had been totally restricted till very lately, therefore accommodations of any type in the turtle beach are very rare, it is very wise therefor to try and pre-book your stay in this beach.

Galgibag beach

Galgibag beach and more so the northern part of it, has been declared protected zone by local authorities and the state forest department for many years now, due to the successful turtle conservation program in the area

Turtle beach Goa

If you wish to see the turtle nesting in action, it is accruing mostly between Decembers and February, although if staying in Galgibaga long enough, you might be lucky and spot turtles around the beach during the rest of the year too, obviously you must not approach the animals or disturb them in any way.

Resorts in Galgibag Beach

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