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Cola Beach

Cola Beach , is a stunning uninhibited remote beach located 5 kms north of Agonda beach in South Goa. Surrounded by coconut swaying palm trees, a breathtaking freshwater blue lagoon; and the Arabian sea, Cola beach is the perfect place to get away from it all, and experience one of the few remaining Goa beach paradises off the beaten path.

Cola beach is a set of 3 bays, each with its own private beach resort. Most beach resorts on Cola beach offer luxury Rajasthani Tent accommodation, and some with beach huts. Most accommodations on Cola beach are exclusive and include breakfast or meal packages, since there are few restaurants options on the beach and it’s remote location.

Cola beach is also the perfect day trip from Palolem, Patnem or Agonda beaches. Blue Lagoon Resort on Cola beach has a lovely beach restaurant, and the perfect place to enjoy the blue lagoon and the seas for the day with family, friends or for a romantic getaway.

How to get to Cola beach? From Agonda beach take the main coastal road north for 2 kms until you reach From the Cola bus stand, from there take the rocky road towards the west coast for 2 kms until the road ends, then simply follow the path down to stunning Cola beach!

Cola beach resorts

Cola beach Goa is one of the best mini beaches in Goa,

Goa beach resorts

Cola beach in Goa only offers few Goa beach resorts style accommodation options, truly a beautiful hidden beach, small comparing to Agonda beach it is located 5 kn north to it still in south Goa, not far from Palolem beach by Gokarna, finding a beach resort to book in at cola beach is bit hard, very few beach huts to choose from.

south Goa resorts

south Goa resorts reflects differently in cola beach is full with only few resorts to choose from, mostly luxury Goa beach huts, combining yoga school Goa hosting and Indian cuisine better then Agonda beach itself.

what to do in cola beach

In cola, just like when you Imagine a Goa beach, pastoral, empty, sunny any inviting, a step and a half from Agonda, with many fishing trips, sport, Goan yoga school, but still remote.

beach huts in Cola beach

Huts in Goa

comes to huts in Goa, the beach huts in cola beach are far away from party zones, as Palolem beach, or Baga in the north of Goa. are mostly fancy and luxurious, and good value for money while booked at

Beach resorts in cola beach

generally beach resorts in cola are about 3 to select , In south Goa the yoga retreat is in motion in the last 2 years, yoga teachers and student from around the world gather an meat in the area and seek accommodation in cola beach resorts on the beach are focused on clean and minimal style.

Cola beach Goa

Cola beach Goa has develop more since the arrival of yoga retreats to the region, and more and more visitors too. booking a resort in cola beach is becoming as tricky as getting one in Palolem beach.

booking cola accommodation

Goa yoga retreat

so if you're searching for yoga in Goa or yoga school cola beach is an alternative to the obvious Agonda option, if you don't mind the isolation cola beach also offers. not far from white sands in Agonda.

Resorts in Cola Beach

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