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Arossim Beach

Arossim Beach, Goa, Arossim Beach Goa, is totally laid-back, shanty if nothing else, barely anything to choose from in the way of accommodation, hardly few Goa beach resort, and even less cottages.

The road to Arossim brings you to a relatively large parking area, then the tiny, sandy trail that leads to the beach, ends up with a short and very narrow bridge, hanging over a stream that travel both sides along the beach for a while.

Reaching down the beach it looks pretty much empty, the only noticeable exception is the "Star Fish" beach shack, a simple yet friendly place, having a few tables on the beach under a shaded, Restaurant compound, and a line of sun beds just in front of it, facing the sea, these are probably the only sunbeds you will come across on Arossim beach.

The beach borders to the north and south are not easy to distinguish at all, together with Cansaulim beach to the north and Utorda to the south, they form a long, long stretch of white coast, along the Cansaulim village region.

Walking up the beach you will find the traditional coconut palm rows looming over the sand dunes, and what seems to be, a couple of old storage houses, probably meant to keep the coconuts fruit.

The Heritage Village club is a large landmark at the end of Arossim beach, featuring a different class of Goa beach cottages to the area, and all the spoils needed, to those who can afford it.

Getting to Arossim from Dabolim airport will take about 20 mins to travel 13km or so, traveling all the way down to Palolem Beach will be almost 50 km.

Resorts in Arossim Beach

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