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Majorda Beach

Majorda Beach, Goa, Well known for its unending stretch of the most mesmerizing white fine sands, it is also famous for few religious and historical events and legends of the yore.

Majorda Beach, is believed to be the same place where the highly revered Hindu God, Lord Rama was bought after he had been kidnapped as a child. Much later, when his wife Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, Lord Rama had camped at the Cabo de Rama – close to where the beach ends.

Majorda, Goa is also the place where the Jesuits (Catholic priests belonging to the Jesuit Order), discovered that the sap of the palm can be used to make toddy – a very potent and super popular local alcoholic brew.

Another special feature of this beach is that this is known to house some of the best bakeries in the whole of Goa.

When you are on Majorda Beach, it is doubtful that you would still look for “local attractions”. You will probably be way too busy enjoying this gorgeous beach to want to do anything else.

Located less than 5 kms south from Colva beach, even just passing by it Majorda Beach makes an imposing impression on your mind. Dabolim airport is about 18 kms away, which makes it an easily accessible and a favorite holiday spot.

Resorts in Majorda Beach

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